My Cap on Beijing Theatre, The Workers Red Attitudes

Now having experienced a lot of the night shows here in Beijing I would like to share my final expertise on it. Absolutely the best show I ever saw here is the Legend of Kung Fu. It tops not only all the shows I’ve seen in Beijing but also it’s one of the top shows I’ve ever seen. To explain my background to back up my claim, I use to be a regular at Broadway when I use to live in New York. Also I’m an ex. gambler and have frequently visited Los Angeles. There the spectacles are somewhat grand in scale and magnificent of course but some do lack in authenticity. The Beijing Red Theatre however, is filled with that essential authenticity which makes it a great performance without a huge audience. Still there I believe the theatre can host more than a thousand spectators and it does get fully booked which is why they have two shows every day.

As for the tickets, they are way too expensive for a nifty budget picker like me. I highly recommend May Tours as your choice for discount tickets. Great friendly service too. I heard a friend of mine booked a tour with them and though their tours are not as generously priced as the discount show tickets, the service is just right. Nowadays you have to be careful not to pick one that tries to extract all your money through commission shopping. A game that at best is fair, at worst is very abusive.

There’s not much to say about my job here. Seems they just wanted to have a foreign expert in the project but not with the project if you know what I mean. Chinese look up to foreigners in terms of status, but carry such huge nationalistic pride that working with them on the same level is very difficult. The experience has still been very rewarding and I will give me great merit and