What’s With the Haircuts of Chinese Kids

Chinese Kid Haircut Chinese Kids often have the weirdest haircuts. The most popular is this one where you have everything shaved except a small patch of hair that’s left on the front. I cant help thinking if some kids might become traumatized from this experienced… vs. the western “place a pot on top of your head and cut everything around it”. But from what I’ve heard it’s just “funny”. As soon as an adult has this haircut, it is no longer funny. Which is a little confusing to me, because personally I would think this is more funny on someone who is actually more conscious about how ridiculous the haircut looks like.

This is not the only style, some have different kinds of pictures on top of the head and anything is possible. Then you become a showcase for your parents and grandparents can be very proud of the kid.



Laowai Comics

I wanted to introduce Laowai Comics¬†which is an absolutely hilarious take on some of the mainland issues, covered from the capital Beijing. Viewing customs and the behavior of locals has always been interesting from the side of the foreigners. In a country like China, easily people fall into two different categories. One endlessly complains about everything and shakes their head around till time to go home, the other makes fun out of the horrible and comic situation he faces in everyday life. After all it’s about survival and what better way to enjoy your time then making jokes about everything! Laowai comics is a perfect example of that ability to enjoy life, where ever.