China is Like A Huge Bronze Head

I know what you are thinking about, you are thinking. What is he on about know? Well yes, that is a correct reaction to my usual rants which not too many people understand. But what do I care, I know a lot more about China than others. Just because you don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean that it’s something stupid. OK, in my case it might little bit be. Perhaps because I don’t really think in terms of what makes sense or what doesn’t. After living in China for so so many years, I think my head had become like a huge bronze head statue!

Yes, it’s pretty funny but my inspiration was sparked from a description of the Golden Mask Dynasty show, in Beijing. It’s a huge spectacle, or a performance they call it. And there everything is big and flashy.. with a lot of sound. And it all started from that same bronze head that the director saw on his visit to an archaeological site. Sounds interesting, yes!

What has a show got to do with bronze heads, and furthermore how is China put into the picture. Well, it goes way way back into the ancient and magical China. These heads were important for rituals and other daily tasks. But most of all, they depict something real.. anything from emperors to peasants. And one of the most golden of such emperor times, is the Golden Dynasty! If you would see one of these masks or heads, you would understand. And the reason I am not posting a picture this time, is because you need to see them live. They are really, really awesome!

If you are not an archaeologist yet, this experience just might make you one! 🙂

Greetings! — Sebastian