The Performing Shanghai Acrobatic Show, in Style!

Visiting Shanghai, I’ve come across lots of amusement. Surely the city is one of the biggest entertainment centers of China with plenty of theaters and venues to visit. Filled with such events, particularly nightlife needs a website to guide you.. but I was rather disappointed at what the internet has to offer. Until I found the Show Shanghai nightlife guide (see: There you can find well displayed and most importantly CORRECT UP TO DATE information about show venues. Especially great site if you are into Chinese acrobatics!

Shanghai Acrobatic Show

I’ve uploaded a picture of an amazing acrobatic feat from a famous acrobatic show in Shanghai known as “ERA, Intersection of Time”. A beautiful woman balancing dozens of glasses on her feet with a gorgeous background.  This is an contorsionist act at it’s best! But to my surprise the performance was not all amazing tricks and stunts, there was plenty of choreography, dance and even some humor. All in all I would say the best acrobatic show I have ever seen (read more here).


This is another great shot I managed to capture, a human pyramid. Incredibly all the girls are extremely young, but that’s the way it goes in China. If you want to see a good performance, go and see what the youngsters are doing because they are very ambitious and leading the change in the acrobatic scene. For further reading, there is a great acrobatic show review here. Check it out!